• Retracement Surveys of previously created lots, tracts, or parcels. 

  • Finding and verifying existing monuments (iron pins, iron pipes, stones, etc.). 

  • Setting new monuments (usually Steel Rebars or Mag Nails) to mark existing corners or boundary lines. 

  • Marking of boundary lines through woods by blazing trees. 

  • Professionally sealed maps showing surveyed properties with significant details (woods, waterways, buildings, encroachments, etc.) and also acreage of surveyed properties.

  • Legal descriptions of surveyed properties corresponding to map for use on future deeds.

Keefer and Associates provides all types of land surveying services including:


Boundary Retracement Surveys

All aspects of a typical Boundary Retracement Survey, plus: 

  • Setting of new monuments (usually Steel Rebars or Mag Nails) to mark new corners or boundary lines.

  • Professionally sealed maps showing surveyed properties with significant details (woods, waterways, buildings, encroachments, etc.), as well as contours, soil boundary interpolations, building setbacks, etc., and also acreage of newly created lots.

  • Municipal (Township, Borough, etc.), and County approval process (Applications, planning commission meetings, etc.) to get your Subdivision approved. 

  • DEP, PennDOT, and other agency approval processes as needed.

  • Recording of Subdivision Plans in appropriate County offices (required for all Subdivisions).

  • Legal descriptions of newly created lots for use on future deeds.

  • The Subdivision process varies depending on the property location (Municipality, County, etc.) and the size and scope of the project.  There are also fees beyond surveying costs incurred by Municipalities, County Planning Departments, DEP, etc.  These fees will vary.

  • *See Example Subdivision Map*

Subdivision Surveys
Construction Surveys
  • Utility Surveys- Location and mapping of utilities (water lines, sewer lines, etc.).

  • Existing Conditions Surveys- Location and mapping of existing features (buildings, roads, waterways, etc.).

  • As-Built Surveys- Location and mapping of newly installed utilities (water lines, sewer lines, etc.), constructed buildings, roadways, etc.

  • Topographic Surveys- Location of existing land topography and mapping of contours.

  • Stakeout- Setting of Stakes, Pins, etc. for future construction of buildings, roads, etc.

Other Surveying Services
  • Control Surveys- Establishment of Horizontal/Vertical/Aerial Control for large scale projects.

  • FEMA Elevation Certificates- Completion of FEMA Elevation Certificates for Flood Insurance purposes.

  • GPS Services- The use of RealTime Kinetic (RTK) Surveying equipment.

  • ALTA Surveys- American Land Title Assocation Surveys for Title Insurance purposes.

  • Mapping Services- Maps can be plotted as large as 36" x 42", including Aerial Imagery.

  • Deed Research/Plotting- AutoCAD plotting of courses and distances from deeds to show approximate size, shape, and closure error of tracts of land.


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